10 Font creation tools

Problems finding a particular looking font you need for a project? Why not simply make a font yourself. Here are 10 examples of software you can use to make your own font.


Fontlab Studio is currently the industry standard. With a history to back up their program.
They acquired  Macromedia Fontographer which used to be the most used program and is now still a part of their imperium.



Glyphs is a relatively new player on the market. Although this program is for Mac users only, it’s gaining a lot of traction.



Robofont Is also a new kid on the block. But he seems to have all the coolest gadgets.
This program allows for open source extensions. Wich makes it very fast and very liked.



FontStruct is a free to use program. Backed by advertising and sponsors.
Because it’s free it has a large user base.



FontForge is a free to use, open source program wich is widely used. This program all began as a last project before the original programmer retired. Wich obviously went out of hand.



Doubletype is a font designer that makes TrueType fonts. Because it’s Java based, it works on all platforms.


Fontself isn’t really a dedicated program. It’s a great extension for Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.


FontCreator is a low cost windows only tool.


Birdfont is a recent free open source program with quite a few famous fonts under it’s belt.


Calligraphr is quite different than other font design programs. It’s main focus is on designing handwriten fonts.