10 free webgl frameworks

Here are 10 free webgl frameworks you can use on your website.

The internet is ever evolving. And nowadays you see 3d implementations more and more on websites.
Either if you are making a game or want to implement 3D to your website, you need a webgl framework.

These are our top 10 free webgl frameworks. From easy to use to specific uses.


First on the list is Threejs.
This is probably the most used webgl engine as it is pretty straight forward to use and open source.
This engine focusses more on GPU enhanced 3D graphics and animations.
Even facebook uses threejs for their 3d posts.


Haxor logo
The second framework is called Haxor.
This wel documented framework is not as known but very powerfull.


babylon.js logo
Also one of the more know open source engines is babylonjs.
Unlike threejs this engine focuses more on game development for web.


osg.js logo
OSGJS is a webgl framework based on OpenSceneGraph concepts.
With an openscenegraph-like toolbox you can easily use webgl via javascript.


luma.gl logo
Luma.gl is especially made for visualisation and computation.


Scenejs is specialized in rendering a large amount of individually articulated objects.
It is more made for engineering visualisations.


PhiloGL is an open source framework with multiple uses.
It can handle data visualisation, gamedevelopment and focuses mainly on performance.


Aframe is a framework more used for webVR and Virtual reality. This engine supports almost every VR headset.


Phoriajs is a framework for simple 3d graphics. This is the framework for you if you need a quick and simple prototype.


Layaair is an open source framework. This engine is designed for high performance games.