Animated logo’s and why you should use it

Is your website just plain and static? Why not look into making your logo stand out more.
An animated logo isn’t just an eye catcher. It might help you in even more ways then you’ve thought.

Design by Latham Arnott

1. SEO

Animated logo’s will be an improvement for your SEO. People will stop and watch how it goes, increasing the time of their session.


2. Story telling

With an animated logo you have the chance to show what your company stands for. It can become a part of your story telling.


3. Brand awareness

People visiting your site will remember your brand much faster. Unlike a static logo which you can quickly look over, they will be drawn to the movement of the animated logo.


4. Pleasant

And to be honest, being greeted by an animated logo is quite a friendly and pleasant experience. It might even surprise new clients. And give them a great first impression.


5. Professionalism

Having an animated logo shows that your company is following the latest trends.


6. Solutions

There are different ways these days to make an animated logo.
– You can use a css3 stylesheet to  animate parts.
– You can embed a video.
– You can create an animated gif.
– You can use webGL



Here are 10 animated logo’s we thought you should look into for inspiration.

flying pig café by Bodea Daniel


Image courtesy of Behance.


Lighthouse No.6 by Brien Hopkins


Portfolio Logo Concept by SFCD


Design by Andrey Pixy


Design by Latham Arnott


Image courtesy of Oleg Turbaba.


by Fraser Davidson of Cub Studio


Google logo by Google.


Nike Splash logo by Nike